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The Best Weight Loss Products, Tips & How To use Them On A Low Carb Diet!

Welcome to the ultimate low carb & weight loss products tips & reviews page! This page is full of tips and tricks to help you stick with your weight loss journey! I've included some special secrets which helped me to lose weight, tips for staying motivated, the products I used, including why and how I use them. The tips I suggest on this page is exactly how I went from size 24 to size 12 and stayed there since 2003. 

Basically this is a "best of the best list" to design your own inexpensive and effective weight loss program.

The products listed on this page are my top picks for successful weight loss.

There are a few different categories:

  • Foods & treats.
  • Raw baking ingredients for low carb weight loss plan. 
  • Books & learning resources related to healthy weight loss.
  • Exercise equipment & tools to make working out more enjoyable & effective!
  • Kitchen supplies for cooking great recipes & meal prep.
  • Supplements for general health & well being.

I've either personally used these products, and those which I haven't used myself, have been recommended. I've checked the reviews on them myself so you can save time! I hope these tips help.

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Low Carb & Keto Foods AND Treats!

Having cravings when we change our eating plan is normal. The great news is, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from when you're following a low carb diet. Don't deprive yourself! You'll only end up overeating on junk foods. I've listed out some of the top choices for common cravings in this section. Of course there are a million other choices out there as well!

Keep in mind, you can't live on these snack foods! They're considered treats, which can be included into a healthy weight loss plan.

Top Tips For Weight Loss
  • Choose treats you know you'll crave. Have them handy & allow yourself a treat, even while you're losing weight!
  • Make it a rule to have a healthy meal first! Satisfy your hunger, then have a treat because you'll notice the cravings ease up.
  • Practice having treats in the house without obsessing over them. Many of us have obsessed over food (from years of dieting) so now, practice having these treats around without feeling obsessed. It can be done & this will help you keep the weight off!
  • When choosing treat foods, stay away from Maltitol...you'll get a belly ache!
  • Keep an eye on the calories (energy per serving) as well as carbohydrates. You cannot eat more calories than you burn off, no matter which weight loss plan you're on!

Baking Ingredients You'll Need For Low Carb Recipes.

As you won't be baking with normal white flour (which contain gluten as a binding agent) you'll need alternative flours. The easiest flours to bake with are Almond Meal or Coconut Flour. Flax/Linseed Meal is also very good, but isn't as versatile because of the taste & texture (it's extremely healthy though!).

You'll also need a healthy sweetener for homemade sweets. I really like a blend such as Swerve (or Natvia) because it works well in everything! I also use liquid stevia for some recipes, however stevia is very strong and can leave a bitter after taste.

Top Tips For Low Carb Recipe Raw Ingredients
  • If using plain stevia in recipes, add small amounts (drops at a time) and taste test as you go.
  • Use fibre such as psyllium husk powder as a binding/thickening agent (it will also keep you regular). Psyllium has no taste, but it does absorb liquids. This is how it thickens. Its great for jams, sauces or homemade bread, pancakes, cookies or waffle recipes.
  • Swerve blended sweeteners are easy to use and taste great! This is a blend of Stevia and Erythritol. Its virtually the only sweetener I use.
  • Flour alternatives may sound expensive, however you won't be hungry while on a low carb diet! Even if your grocery bill sounds high, you'll actually save money from not eating as much food.
  • You'll likely use more Almond meal than any other flour for baking. Coconut flour is great, but I don't use a lot of it, so I buy smaller amounts.
  • Xanthan Gum will be used in some of your recipes so it's good to have on hand. You won't need as much & it will last you ages!
  • I've added an example of different flavours of stevia drops. The different flavours are great for making things like ice-cream, pancakes or waffles.

Low Carb & Keto Recipe Books

A collection of my all time favourite low carb & keto recipe books & menu plans for a healthy weight loss program. I've hand picked these recipe books because of the value, variety, health benefits and ease of use they all provide. Your low carb living shouldn't be expensive! Get yourself a huge library to choose from now, and you'll be set for life!

Top Tips For Sticking To Your Weight Loss Plan
  • You MUST love every single meal you eat! If a meal or food doesn't excite you, find an alternative!
  • Choose recipes which closely resemble what you'd normally eat. All you need to do is lower the carb count by following healthier recipes. This way you won't feel like your on a weight loss plan.
  • If you feel good about what you're doing, the plan will be easier to stick with.
  • Have a huge variety of recipes to choose from! Don't allow yourself to get bored...ever! The great thing about a low carb diet is the variety. You can still have waffles with ice-cream as long as they're lower carb & made of real ingredients! (Don't ya love that!)
  • Meal prep/batch cook a couple of times a week so you've always got your favourite meals ready to eat.
  • Use the crock pot/slow cooker for ease. Cooking needs to be easy & quick!
  • Make sure you have plenty of "comfort food" recipes.
Keto in Five
Weekly Keto Weight Loss Meal Plans

Best Kitchen Appliances

Now that you have your awesome recipe books, you'll need the right kitchen tools to make them. I'm all about quick n easy in the kitchen! As long as my food is easy to prepare, fast, and its healthy while supporting weight loss, I'm happy!

Top Tips In The Weight Loss Kitchen
  • Make cooking fast and easy as much as possible!
  • Try to batch cook or food prep so you've always got meals you love ready to eat.
  • I use non stick cook ware because I don't add a lot of fat to my cooking. If you're making recipes which include cheese, nuts, seeds, avocado, olives, coconut, creams, butter etc...you honestly don't need the extra fat to cook with! All those extra calories add up & can cause a weight plateau.
  • You'll hear many people say to eat lots of fat on a low carb diet. This eating plan is naturally high in fat. If your weight loss slows down, reduce the calories from fats you add while cooking & give your body a couple of weeks to respond. No matter which eating plan you follow, calories count!
  • For versatile cooking I've added examples of both the Bellini and Thermomix. These machines are awesome! I have the cheaper version because I couldn't afford the Thermomix when I bought mine. I'd also suggest getting an extra jug with the machine because you'll use it for everything you make.

You can ground your own meats, mix up batched of dough, cook in it, make ice-cream, smoothies, pancake mix...Everything I do in the kitchen involves my Bellini. I even buy raw almonds and make my own almond meal & nut butters with it!

Best Kitchen Utensils/Tools

Silicone bakeware is the best thing since sliced bread, and you can make as much low carb bread as you like in it too! It's a dream to use and clean. It's dishwasher safe, microwavable and freezer safe. Nothing, and I mean nothing sticks to it!

  • You'll need a silicone matt for rolling out sticky (and delicious) low carb pastries & doughs when you make pies, cookies, crackers, pizza or whatever.
  • Invest in really good silicone bakeware. You'll use it often. I spent a fortune on mine after trying cheaper versions. You can see how often I've used mine! This brand is probably the best, it's unbreakable.
  • The most important silicone bakeware to get is a bread pan and cake & muffin moulds. 
  • I also make my own chocolate (because I refuse to go without). Chocolate moulds can also be used to make sugar free jelly lollies/candy, or even marshmallows. If you're using your Bellini to make these sweet treats, they'll take you literally 5 minutes!
  • You'll use a pizza cutter to cut your dough more often than not. It's the easiest way to shape crackers etc.
  • You'll also need a non stick rolling pin. (Pro tip: when rolling out sticky dough on your silicone matt, cover the dough with plastic wrap and then roll, it won't stick & there's less cleaning. 

See The Video As An Example

Must Have Fitness Gear

When it comes to doing workouts I only follow one instructor now! Her name is Jessica Smith. She is amazing, and she gets results! Here's a few of her workout routines. I'd suggest you consider getting the full set because you'll be addicted to her style in no time.

Another favourite (when I was young & could bounce around) is Jillian Michaels. I still do love a good kick boxing workout with Jillian! She will absolutely get the fat melting off you!


Top Tips For Sticking With Your Home Workout Routine
  • Consistency is Key! Fat burning & fitness building both require consistency.
  • Home workouts are best because there is NOTHING to stop you! Working out at home is private, inexpensive & flexible. 
  • Variety is important for both your body & mind. A healthy routine will have variety so you're working all muscle groups, balance, core, resistance and cardio. You really do want it all! This is why I love Jessica so much. She fits it all into her sessions while not overdoing it.
  • The moment you feel bored, or "slightly unenthusiastic", change up your workout routine.
  • Do Not try to follow an instructor that's focused on the extremely fit! You must workout at your fitness level or you'll hate it & give up.
  • Plan your sessions & make it happen...no matter what! Make an appointment with yourself, your promise to yourself, & stick with it.

Basic Home Gym Equipment

If you're going to make your weight loss plan a long term lifestyle, you need tools! I don't have a "home gym", but I do have the basics. I have one expensive piece of equipment, which is my beloved treadmill. Everything else I have is inexpensive & easy to use...and store! (I mean, who has the space right?)

You'll need:

  • Hand weights for resistance training. (A combination of resistance and cardio is the perfect fat burning, metabolism changing workout!) You'll need at least two different weights e.g. 2 pounds & 5 pounds.
  • You'll need a really good matt for floor exercises. Make sure the matt you choose is thick & has a surface that doesn't slip. Non slip is sooo important for wood floors!
  • Consider buying a step to do home step aerobics. It's a great beginner workout which helps to burn fat & build muscles! It's easy to use, store & is inexpensive. If you decide to buy an aerobic step, be sure to choose a wide step! You want to be able to step over it sideways (with enough room for both feet on the step at once). You'll also need to be able to raise it up or down (with the added platforms) when you're fitter & want more intensity. A step workout with hand weights is a major metabolism booster! You can move more slowly, with no impact on the joints & still burn a lot of fat while shaping and toning all of your muscles.
  • Alternately you can use an electric elliptical trainer if you want something more high tech.

If you're ready to invest in more expensive equipment be sure to check maximum weight restriction of the machine.  

  • Electronic incline for treadmills is also a must! You need to be able to adjust the resistance/height while you're doing your workout without having to stop.
  • Make sure you can run on the machine in the future if you want too. Even if you never run on it, the fact that you can means the machine is built to last!
  • These machines might be expensive, but if you use them they'll be worth every penny! I bought my treadmill in 2005. I invested wisely, I made sure it was electronic & very sturdy. I still use it often. I've never had a breakdown because I spent a small fortune on it.
  • Think of these machines as a long term health investment. Take your time to research the right machine for your needs.

Fitness Wear

I have a secret to tell you! Your skin is elastic. When I first started losing weight I made sure I wore two bra's and shape wear every time I did a work out. Here is my theory. When surgeons perform liposuction they ask their patients to wear tight fitting suit to protect the patients skin from sagging after the surgery. I figured, the same theory would help my skin while I lost weight. It worked! My skin is fine for the most part. I've included some suggested products here so you have an idea of what to look for.

Top Tips For Protecting Your Skin While You Lose Weight
  • Use "shape wear" when you workout to pull your skin in. This is especially important if your doing high impact workouts (jogging or jumping).
  • If you're losing weight quickly, consider wearing shape wear all the time! (Also check out the supplements below for best skin protection).
  • Make sure the shape wear is snug but not cutting off circulation! You should feel comfortable.
  • Invest in a good quality, well fitting, very supportive sports bra. If you're bigger in the chest, wear a second crop top for extra support. Our breasts are sensitive (because of hormonal fluctuations) & the skin in this area needs extra protection.
  • Really good quality bra's are more expensive so only invest in a couple because soon they won't fit you!
  • Choose workout clothes which are breathable, elastic, snug and comfortable to move in.
  • Don't forget to buy good fitting workout shoes! If buying new fitness shoes, pick up some wide & very sticky bandaids for your heels too. You're going to be unstoppable...remember! Don't let blisters stop you.

Supplements For Health, Weight Loss & Energy

Here's is a list of my top picks for supplements. Let me say this. No pill is going to make you thin! It's as simple as that. If pills magically burned off body fat, there wouldn't be any overweight people left in the world.

This list of supplements are for nourishing your cells, giving you energy and supporting your health while you lose weight. I take these supplements myself. I don't recommend anything I don't believe in!

  • Vitamin C. Boosts immunity, protects your skin, helps you absorb iron & helps with carbohydrate metabolism.
  • When choosing a womens multi, try to choose a time released, or better yet, split release.
  • Split release means the ingredients which normally do not absorb together (e.g. magnesium & zinc use the same carrier to be absorbed so cannot be absorbed together) will be released into your body at different times so you'll get more from your multi. The multi I've recommended here is excellent. I worked for this company so I know (up close & personal) they are very high quality!
  • Probiotics are a must for immunity & gut health. I don't believe you need to take probiotics all the time. If you're eating plenty of fibre your own micro-organisms will reproduce to create a healthy gut environment. When you first start changing your diet probiotics can help you detox! A bottle four times a year is optimal for gut health with a diet high in fibre is perfect for long term maintenance.
  • When choosing iron be sure that its a high quality. Be sure not to take too much as iron causes constipation. When choosing iron supplements your looking for "elemental iron" in mg. Check with your doctor for your recommended dose. If you're eating a well balanced diet with red meat, you may not need extra iron. (Iron in large doses is toxic, keep it away from children).
  • Iron with vitamin C supports skin and immunity. They are combined for better absorption. Iron requires an acidic environment to be well absorbed.

How To Books For Low Carb & Keto Weight Loss 

Some great reads to expand your knowledge of how your body works, nutrition and how the low carb diet/keto diet manipulates your metabolism to help you burn off body fat. If you want to lose weight, stay slim and be healthy, you must know how your body works...at least a little bit. Knowledge is power! 

Weight Loss Motivation Products

This is a collection of books which might help you to stay focused while you're on the weight loss journey. Our mind is the most important factor in our weight loss success! You must nourish your mind with new, relevant information as you change your lifestyle.

  • Learn new information about the changes you'd like to make in your life as you lose weight.
  • Weight loss is about changing from the inside out, not the other way around!
  • Changing your mind, will allow you to change your body & live your happiest life.
  • Get constant inspiration & motivation from others who have been successful.