Redefine Yourself and Lose Weight

Redefine Yourself to Lose Weight and Build Your New Life.

Why would you want to redefine 'who you are' to lose weight? Every one I've spoken with about why they want to lose weight, has said it's because they want to be happy.

The problem is the weight loss alone (usually) won't make us happy! Many of us eat in response to being unhappy and so it makes sense to focus on redefining ourselves, and our life in order to find the happiness we want. 

Once we explore what we really want, losing the weight becomes so much easier because it takes the emphasis off our body and puts our focus on other areas of our personality. When we grow internally it always leads to the ultimate goal of over all happiness. We all want a happy life. Losing weight can make us very happy if we also look at our whole life.

In this Vlog I discuss how redefining ourself can help us lose weight and build a happier life over all.

brain training, using subconscious mind for weight loss motivation

True Motivation Comes From Within!

We all know, if we can't stick with a new way of life, nothing will change for long...Right?

So the big question is:

How do we stay motivated and stick with our new lifestyle forever? I know, I know. Forever is a long time!

But the fact remains, if we can't stick with what we're doing, nothing will change, including our new body! The key is to find ways to motivate yourself each and everyday.

Ever thought about retraining your mind for lasting weight loss results?

Your mind is where all the magic happens! Check out my free weight loss video guide and I'll explain how to train your brain and build new habits for weight loss.

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Nutritionist's Three Step Plan to Lose Weight Without Dieting!

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