How to Design Your Own Weight Loss Eating Plan

How to Design Your Own Weight Loss Eating Plan

In this short video we discuss practical tips on how to design a weight loss eating plan which is both effective and lasting.

We'll talk about quick simple tricks you can apply for long term weight loss. This approach is about making lasting changes because the truth is, what you do now to lose weight, you'll need to be able to continue for the long term in order to manage your weight! Everything we do starts with the mind. If we don't control our mindset while we're making changes to our diet and exercise, we're unable to stick with it for long enough to reach our weight loss goals. I suggest some easy mindset tools you can use so sticking with your plan is easier for the long term. 

There are some great resources below this post which may help you to design your own eating plan as well. I hope this post helps.

Also see Brain Training for Weight Loss Motivation and Goal Setting For Weight Loss Motivation.

Quick Tip Summery:

  • Eat real food. Avoid pills & meal replacements.
  • No starving! Make sure you can eat when your hungry because if your diet is too restrictive, you’ll likely crave junk foods…and possibly binge on junk due to hunger!
  • Choose meals you love to eat! You must look forward to your meals or your plan can feel too much like a "diet". When we feel deprived from dieting our subconscious responds with self sabotaging behaviours.
  • Your eating plan must be flexible.  Your plan should be flexible enough so you can take it anywhere and apply it in any situation.
  • Cut out sugar & high carbohydrate foods. Too much sugar raises insulin levels and high insulin inhibits fat burning.
  • Decrease your calorie intake (just a little) by making healthier food swaps. See how to hack recipes here to lower calories, fats & sugars when making recipes at home.
  • Get EXCITED about what you CAN have! If you cut out all of your favourite foods, your plan won’t last because it will feel too strict. Learn how to do recipe hacks, and fit in your favourite foods without overindulging so you can enjoy the weight loss journey. Here is a post about launching your weight loss for more information.
  • Use your mind power to stay focused on your goals. Focus on a long term, sustainable weight loss plan so you can finally be free of dieting and truly enjoy your new body! Read about how to train your brain for weight loss motivation here.

Want More Weight Loss Motivation Tips?


Here’s some fantastic websites which offer great recipes and meal ideas. It’s important to focus on building your eating plan around low sugar, lower calorie and unprocessed, whole real food. If you have this as your focus, your body will be nourished and therefore crave less artificial junk foods. Also remember this is a long term lifestyle change, so you’ll need meals that you truly love and look forward too! Happy hunting.

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