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Simple, Natural, Quick and Tasty! That's the goal for our low carb Recipes.

Here's a collection of my favourite meals and low carb recipes! Many of these recipes were born in my kitchen from nothing more than a craving and a little imagination. Most are only a few ingredients. I like to keep cooking quick and simple! I mean seriously, who has the time to be in the kitchen cooking all day! I try to keep all of my meals under 30 minutes, and for ease I usually "batch cook", so I'm not cooking again tomorrow! Many of the recipes can fit into a keto diet, but check the nutrition first.

My main objective is to keep all recipes as low in sugar and calories as possible, while still being tasty. Having said that, I generally don't add much salt as I cook, so you may want to adjust to your own taste.

Try using these recipes to create new ideas for meals you'll love by adjusting them slightly. Doing a recipe makeover is always fun!

Quick Tips:


I use silicone cookware, so I generally don't add extra oil for baking as this cookware is all nonstick, and quick and easy to clean. Please keep this in mind if using traditional bake ware (and adding oil or butter for greasing) as you will need to adjust the nutritional values accordingly.

Some recipes in this collection have been adapted from my favourite "go to" blogs.  I've made the author website available in each of these recipes in case you'd like to see the original. I hope you enjoy these low carb recipes as much as I do!

Weight Loss Cooking & Meal Prep Essentials!

Here's a collection of my favourite weight loss kitchen tools. I use all of these tools on a daily basis to make eating healthy food easy. If you're going to lose weight successfully, you need to be really organised in the kitchen!

I'd recommend starting with a really good quality silicone bakeware set. A silicone mat for rolling out sticky low carb pastry is essential if you want delicious cookies, pies, pizza etc. I also use my high powered blender almost daily. I have a one which is almost identical to the Bellini listed below. It makes life so easy because you can blend everything from ice to make slurpies or ice-cream, pancake mixes, soups and vegetable bases. You can even cook your entire meal in the one machine. I also use this machine as my food processor as it comes with all the attachments which makes it extremely versatile.

Once you've made your delicious food, you'll need to store it right? Choose glassware if possible because you don't want chemical contamination from plastics etc, especially when reheating food in the microwave. Glassware is easy to clean and versatile for cooking, freezing or reheating. It's also the healthiest option for storing foods.

Browse the products below to get some ideas about what you might need to kickstart you weight loss journey.

Keto in Five

I hope you enjoy my basic recipes for fast and easy cooking!

If you have any suggestions for certain recipes, feel free to contact us.

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